Regional Organization

St. Francis Regional Fraternity consists of the elected Regional Executive Council (REC) and the minister of each fraternity in the Region.  The fraternity meets together once a year in an annual Chapter, just as the friars did in the time of St. Francis.  That Chapter occurs in January each year in St. Francis Region.  Between each Chapter, the regional management is in the hand of the Executive Council and those whom the council has appointed to various positions to assist them.  The Regional Formation Director is an appointed position in this region, though in some it is an elective position. The Region has been divided into districts by the Executive Council, and a Secular Franciscan is appointed as a District Liaison in each of the districts.  The five districts are:  Tri-County (from Ventura north), Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, and San Bernardino/Riverside County.  The District Liaisons assist the Executive Council in carrying out their duties to each fraternity, and act as communication liaisons between the fraternities in their district and the REC.  In addition there is a regional newsletter, with an appointed editor and associate editor, a data base coordinator, and a website administrator.  All are appointed positions and all are responsible to the REC.